Watch video of our showroom

Watch video of the showroom

Why it is important for a customer to visit a showroom before you select a contractor for your project?

We feel that all customers must know what kind of products will be installed in their homes and how much they cost. What is included in the estimate and what is not included.

Nobody likes to have any surprises after their projects has been started. That’s why we opened a showroom where you can choose plumbing fixtures, vanities, cabinets, style and type of doors, style of the trim, color of the trim, carpet, tile, hardwood, light fixtures, hardware, counter tops and everything else that one needs to build or remodel a home.

When you come to our showroom you will also know how much things cost. Isn’t it convenient to come to one place and chose what you like and know exactly how this product will look at your home and how much it costs?

Imagine how much time you will save by visiting one place rather than going to a plumbing store, then to a cabinet store, flooring store, tile store, light fixtures store, etc?

Our showroom is located at 1920 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55418

We recommend scheduling a meeting at our showroom with your estimator, so all changes that you will be making could be incorporated into your estimate right away and products could be ordered so you project could be completed on time.