Construction Process

Anybody can finish a basement or perhaps even build a home. This is true, but we know how to do it less expensive and make the final project more energy efficient. Watch these videos below that explain what we do differently so our homes outperform typical homes by 50% or more in energy efficiency and have better air quality.

5841 Abbot Ave S, Edina under construction. Here Pavel explains less expensive energy efficient upgrades that have highest return on investment in new construction that will pay for themselves in less than 9 years.

In this video Pavel Sakurets explains what things builders and homeowners could do to build homes that beat the code in energy efficiency by 50% or more without spending too much money.

This video explains best construction practices building a home using structural insulated panels and covers other energy efficient upgrades that we incorporated to make this home save 60% of energy compared to a traditional construction.

Construction process of finishing a basement